Monday, February 18, 2013

Smoked Salmon Snacks

Wow, it really has been quite a while since I've written in this blog. A couple of culprits are at work: 1. Getting an Ipad. The blogger app on it is not great, and I sort of stopped using regular laptops for a while there. 2. Pintrest. Why try my own recipes when I can drool at what other people have made instead? 3. (Mostly this one) Laziness.

Oh well its never too late to end a stretch of no-posts. So here goes; a snack that I made up a couple of weeks ago.

Smoked Salmon Snacks

I love lox and cream cheese. I grew up eating it as a special breakfast treat that I enjoyed with my dad. We would make it with onion bagels that were nice and toasty, a hearty helping of cream cheese, the smoked salmon, and some sliced onions. Delicious!
Every now and then I like to replicate this childhood treat; sometimes I add ingredients to the pile. I recently bought a huge package of Atlantic Smoked Salmon from Costco, and realized when I went to make lox that I did not have any bagels! So in a round about way I came up with this concoction, which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as an appetizer!

Salmon snacks, step 2

Crackers, your choice (I used a small multi-seed type)
smoked salmon
cream cheese
preserved lemon (or the pulp from a Meyer lemon, I haven't tried it with a regular lemon which might be a little more sour than you'd like)
French Fried Onions
(I'm not giving exact measurements, because you can make as big or as small a batch as you'd like)
Salmon Snacks, Step 4
1.line the crackers up all along a plate or serving dish.
2. Smear a dollop of cream cheese on each cracker.
3. Depending on your taste, put a couple of capers on each cracker (press them into the cream cheese so they won't roll around).
4. Chop up the lemon bits and add a little bit of lemon to each cracker (again based on your taste, I liked the taste of lemon to be barely there).
5. Tear off a piece of the smoked salmon and place it on top of the cracker.
6. add a piece or two of french fried onions to the top.

Voila! you have a delicious snack! Let me know in the comment section of you've added or subtracted anything.